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Domisilium Studio
DOMISILIUM STUDIO, PLC is a Singapore-based architecture and interior design firm with a wide range of expertise in custom residential, hospitality and commercial projects. We offer a full range of architectural and interior design services from programming, initial design conceptualization, space planning, design development, construction documents to hands-on construction administration and punch listing.

Domisilium Studio operates with a singular vision of and an endless dedication to creating functional and livable spaces, fostering innovations in environmentally responsible construction, and designing sophisticated, timeless and uplifting spaces for the fullest enjoyment of life.

Our dedication to the client, great attention to detail, and tailoring of each specific project to our client's unique individual needs and aesthetic values is what sets Domisilium Studio apart from other firms. Our hands-on approach in every aspect of project development and construction, whilst establishing good relationships with our clients, contractors and vendors, accomplishes our ultimate goal of providing our clients with only the highest quality finished product achievable.

Domisilium Studio was founded by Santi Alaysius and Hamphrey Tedja in Jakarta, Indonesia in early 2009, and they were joined by Peter Alex Dreier in 2011.
Hamphrey Tedja co-founded Domisilium Studio in 2009 and is our Principal in charge of Operations. In addition to being an architect with great expertise in design detailing, he carefully oversees our staff and is the foundation of Domisilium Studio. He works out of the Jakarta office.

Hamphrey studied Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago where he earned a professional Bachelors of Architecture degree. He has been an architect for over a decade, spending over 7 years in Chicago working on residential and commercial projects before returning to Indonesia in 2009.

Hamphrey is a travel aficionado and relentless food hound who is willing to go all out in search of local delicacies.

Santi Alaysius co-founded Domisilium Studio in 2009 and is the Principal in charge of Interior Design. She is an expert in creating uniquely beautiful spaces while selecting the finest materials available for them, and has an unrelenting eye for perfection in every detail. She currently works out of the Jakarta office.

Santi attended The Art Institute of Seattle and Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago where she received Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Marketing Management and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. Santi honed her craft at Thom Filicia, Inc in New York and Simeone Deary Design Group in Chicago doing high-end residential and hospitality work.

Santi also writes a blog on current affairs in design, art, architecture, fashion and travel in her free time.

Peter Alex Dreier joined Domisilium Studio in 2011 as the Director and Principal in charge of Architecture. He opened the Singapore office, headquartering the firm there, and brought his expertise in management, space planning, and construction to the partnership.

Peter studied Architecture and Structural Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, interned at several firms, and then founded and operated the award-winning IDEA Architects + Builders on Chicago's trendy northeast side for over a decade. He has completed over 200 unique residential, commercial, and hospitality projects over his more than 15-year career, and is NCARB certified and a registered APEC Architect.

Peter loves to travel and experience new places and cultures, and is a cyclist and avid chef.

The Studio

The Elysian Hotel, which is featured in our portfolio, won numerous awards largely due to the work of project designer Santi Alaysius. The Elysian Hotel was named the #1 hotel in the USA and the #7 hotel in the world by Conde Nast Traveller, and was featured in Elle Magazine in the USA.


Peter Dreier was featured in Angie's List Magazine in March 2010 as an expert in why you should hire an architect as opposed to just a contractor for your renovation project.


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Architecture and Interior Design

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